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Heaven Scent Bakery
1133 Bryan Road
O'Fallon, Mo. 63366

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Applications will be kept active for 3 months.

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Applications are reviewed weekly. Openings could be anything from clean up crew to cake decorating. The following are the areas of skill needed, not necessarily now, but these are the jobs:

Clean up crew
Customer service
Production of donuts: this would most likely be an overnight position.
Production of bakery goods: this would most likely be a day time position, rarely needed as our baking staff has been with us many years.
Cake decorating: experienced only on this one please and we don't mean home decorating.
Please answer all questions on application so we can see where you fit before contacting you.

We are looking for people with the ability to learn quickly, are friendly and willing to work as part of a team. We are not looking for people that don't smile, are lazy or drama queens. We expect our employees to leave their problems at the door when they come to work, be pleasant while at work. We are there a number of hours together and no one needs anyone else's problems.