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About Heaven Scent Wedding Cakes

Heaven Scent Wedding Cakes are in a league of their own. We are a custom shop and that means if you have a dream, we have the cake. If you don't see it here on our site, in our books or in our shop, we'll design it just for you. Most of the cakes you'll see here have been especially designed for each couple.

Your wedding cake sets the ambiance of the beauty of the day at your reception and a Heaven Scent Wedding Cake gives your guests the message that you care enough to serve them the Very Best.

Any cake you see can be adjusted to fit your needs.

You're not limited by colors, shapes or sizes. Any cake can be made to serve the amount of guests you are expecting at your reception or occasion.

As you browse through the cakes featured on our site keep in mind that we are a custom shop and you're not limited to these designs only. If you have a photo of a cake you want, we can recreate it for you.

Whether you need to serve 25 guests or 500 guests, we can design the perfect cake. Our cakes don't stop at beauty, taste is important too. Our cakes accomplish the beauty you want and the flavor and moistness you deserve, that's what we are FAMOUS for.

The point is this; it's YOUR wedding and it's OUR goal to design your Wedding Cake EXACTLY as you wish.

If you haven't tasted Heaven Scent cake, you simply haven't tasted cake.